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Whether it's your employees or customers, you want to provide a wonderful experience that they will talk about AFTER your event is over.

Corporate entertainer Bob Garner will help you do that. Bob uniquely combines your messaging with usable information and the creatively underscores that material with amazing demonstrations of mind reading, clean comedy and audience participation.

Employee Appreciation Event Entertainment:
You want to treat your employees like your best customers. After all, your employees are the most valuable asset to your company.

Working closely with you, corporate entertainer Garner will craft a presentation that will reinforce the information you want your employees to hear in a fun way.

From the C-suite to front line employees, Bob will dazzle and delight, as well as empower and inspire. You choose how much information and much entertainment - insuring that Bob will be right on target for your group. That's just another reason why Bob is the perfect choice for your employee appreciation event entertainment.

Customer Appreciation Event Entertainment:
You are bringing together your important customers and you want your event to stand out in their minds. That's why when you're looking for customer appreciation event entertainment that will fill that need, Bob is the logical choice. Because corporate event entertainment specialist and funny motivational speaker Bob Garner can make that happen.

As with employee events, Bob works with you to tap into information that is relevant to your group. Highlighting that information will be Bob's amazing skills as a mentalist and comedian.

All in good fun, Bob treats all members of the audience with respect. Additionally, Bob has appeared at numerous conferences around the world and knows how to work with international audiences.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Employee Appreciation Event Entertainment

Customer Appreciation Event Entertainment

You need to watch these client testimonials to get the REAL impact of having corporate entertainer Bob Garner at your employee or customer appreciation event!

Employee -10-12% Productivity Increase

Client Conference - Bob was Awesome!

Customer Hospitality Event - Bob Rocked

Corporate event entertainment specialist and corporate entertainer Bob Garner will ROCK as your employee appreciation event entertainment, as well as for your customer appreciation event entertainment. Inspiring, entertaining, professional and fun. Contact Bob Garner at 805-534-1576 and ignite your next event!